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Posted by corrieann on January 31st, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

The main way for the general population to get around is a Jeepney.  These are colorful bus-like trucks that each follow a regular route to move people around.  I think the different owners of the Jeepneys are in competition about the decorations on their Jeepneys.  Most have some sort of bless written on them or a picture of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.  Many has this fabric decoration that hangs from the rearview mirror area that looks like a huge thong from a sumo wrestler that is little dangly puff balls hanging from it.   They usually have written on them somewhere the destinations they visit as well.  It’s a nice way to figure out where that Jeepney is going.


They all have a name of some sort hanging from a shiny silver plaque on the front window.  I get a kick out of the names.  Sometimes you can tell its the persons name and othertimes its a short word or description.  We have one that just hangs out by our condo that is named Souvier.

The importance of this mode of transportation is noticable by how crammed they get during rush hour.  The lines for Jeepneys are crazy long when its time for everyone to go to work or come home.   They are also usually crammed with people inside and occasionally will have 1-3 people hanging off the back.  It makes me miss my car.  We don’t have to take one, but I would love to try if I can get a local to take me somewhere.


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