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Food has been interesting around here.  They eat tons of pork.  I am not a fan of pork, except the occassional bacon strip or ham sandwich.  At work, because we work all night long, there isn’t much of a selection for lunch.  There is a McDonald’s, a 7-11, and a few local eateries.  I have only braved a few of the local places and I did try the pork.  It was barbeque pork on a stick.  It wasn’t bad if they cooked it long enough.  Its a bit like teriaki pork.

I was able to find a place that has lumpia….a veggie lumpia and a pork lumpia.  Its pretty good except that I have this certian guilt about fried food every day for lunch, however hunger pangs usually over shadow that guilt.

They have a thing for a fish called milkfish, they call it Bangus.  You can find it just about everywhere.  I like fish but milkfish doesn’t sound very good.  Its also boneless.  Isn’t fish without bones basically a slug?

They use fish for flavoring, which is understandable.  Anchovies and sardines do make for a flavorfull addition to alot of things, but the cultures finesse at finding new ways to add fish flavor has baffled me.   I swear, at the store the other day, I saw a bottle of fish syrup.  It did look kind of nasty.   The “tuna fish” ailse at the store is amazing.  It spans an entire row and they have every kind of unusal fish in canned form.

Anyway, there are a large variety of american style eateries around here but most don’t quite hit the mark.  The McDonalds has the usual fair, although somewhat limited.  They have also added their own tastes to the menu.  They have rice available in hockey puck type or packages, and they have pork hamburgers.  The pork hamburger is called  a McDo.  I tried it…I didn’t like it.  Its a small hamburger with a mayo and ketchup sauce.  It wasn’t very palatable.  They also have McSpaghetti.  I haven’t tried it yet, but they seem to have spaghetti available everywhere.  They also have gravy available at McDonalds.  They like to eat it with the rice and a chicken “filet”.  The filet is not white meat though, its more like thigh meat.  They also have a pinapple pie for desert, like our apple pie desert.  The cheese is odd…it has a funny taste to it that I can’t stand.  The other girls don’t mind it as much but it reminds me of american cheese slices that have sat out on the counter for a few hours.  The pizza at Pizza Hut is the same weird cheese.  I wonder if the cows eat something strange.


The dairy products come from New Zealand and Australia here.  No one can seem to get over the fact that the milk isn’t refridgerated until its opened.  I drink the milk in my coffee and don’t mind it, but I haven’t been brave enough to try a bowl of cereal.

The only places that have food that seems 100% like home are HardRock and TGIFridays.  I usually go there when I feel like I need a homestyle meal.  Until then, I am fairly content with just loosing weight!

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  1. Dad Says:

    McDo? Do they have A-1 Sauce?

  2. corrieann Says:

    They do! (but not at McDonalds) I haven’t tasted it yet. Things just taste weird here.

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