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The Beginning

Posted by corrieann on January 4th, 2009 filed in Uncategorized

Here I am, trying to get ready for this big adventure to the Philippines to open a new line of business at a call center. My nerves were off the charts. Will my animals be ok? Will my family be ok? Will I be ok? Will I train well? Will I be able to pack everything I need in 2 suitcases? Will my plane crash? Yeah…you name it, I panicked about it.

My suitcase issue ended up going well. I threw everything I thought I would need into the suitcases over the last few days. When I arranged it all, I actually had more room! I then spent the next few hours trying to find more stuff to take with me! Hooray! I love to take stuff with me! I always over pack, even to go to the grocery store.

I also had to sit Mario down and tell him how to survive without me for a month. We went over bills and duties and I made him a big chore chart so my entire world at home wouldn’t fall apart. Of course, he probably didn’t need it, but it made me feel better. I am sure the smiley stickers didn’t help. (ok..I didn’t really give him smiley stickers, but I thought about it) I also had to have a heart to heart with him should the plane go down, or I get kidnapped or something scary. I left him specific instructions that if the media needed a photo he was to offer one up quickly and it better be good! I didn’t want some crappy mug shot (like my passport photo) ending up on CNN. I told him to give them a picture that portrays me as a loving mother and hot wife. J

Now the waiting begins….I’ll try and get some sleep before I leave, hopefully I can sleep on the plane as well.

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